Poems by
Jayant Sharma

Fly Alone

a poem by Jayant Sharma

As a warrior on the mountain shore,
As a big star over small stars,
As a wide sea over small pools,
As a shark over small fishes,
As a sun over the planets,
You were over me.
Never did dew visit my eye
Never did a roar claim my ears,
Infusing qualities in me,
‘You were great’.

As a maker of melodious tunes for me,
As a light of hope in darkness,
You made life easier for me.
Sorrows looked unfamiliar,
Tears seemed to be human needs,
As an angel you made things easier for me.
He was respected, honoured and loved by all.
‘He was great’.

I miss you o god-like man,
I miss you!
I know that you can’t return,
But do meet me anywhere you can.
Now where are those kind deeds gone?
Now never I see a light of hope,
Now never I hear that voice again,
Just a face comes in my mind-
Little wrinkles, grey hair,
White teeth, two dimples,
‘A great personality.’

I’ve lost a friend,
He has left me to ‘Fly alone’.