a poem by Urmila Mahajan

Love is a simple candle
That burns brighter if you care
Irons out differences if you dare
It’s heartening.

Like the play of light and shadow
Happiness comes and goes
The warmth of sunshine on your toes
It’s fleeting.

Anger is headstrong, corrosive
Storms a heart with all its might
Crucifies all that is decent in sight
It’s exhausting.

Acidic Jealousy rankles sour
A bitter seed that can undermine order
Its malice drove Caine to heinous murder
It’s two-timing.

Languid Depression’s a heavy blanket
That can smother a beating heart
Like weeds choking a grassy path
It’s suffocating.

Elusive peace roams the earth
In search of compatible minds
Discord and distance instead it divines
It’s distressing.

Yet Hope cheers a dark horizon
Flying with white wings out of the blue
Brushes your cheek to rejuvenate you
It’s healing.