Poems by
Gautam Dhar

Twelfth of June

a poem by Gautam Dhar

It’s a long way back to the Twelfth of June
Time when I sang just another old tune
But never in my dreams did I ever know
She’ll say goodbye on this long afternoon

Days that I knew seem so far away
Down by the street in a no name town
And if she ever comes my way
I hope she’ll hear my heart’s lone sound

I know my songs won’t stop her tears
And she may forget down through the years
Oh but I wonder if she’ll ever know
Just how I long to kiss away her fears

But times that I knew seem lost in the sky
Down by the hills where the sun don’t shine
I’ll never know where the time’s gone by
Will she ever know what I’ll never find?

I know these rhymes can’t make her stay
And all her sorrow on a day so gray
If I could ever make a wish to the stars
I’d say it all what I couldn’t say

Now the Twelfth of June would never come again
When I stood still singing in the rain
But the dreams may fade and this life may too
I’ll sing to you Summer, till you lose your pain.

*A Song for a friend, Summer*