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For the inner songbird!

a poem by Shivpoetesspriya

Some beautiful manners of the
echoing love and saddened heart!

My dry eyes are singing a song for you,
O, my beloved!
My empty heart is singing a song!
The song is holding the color of anguish!

The abode of sadness reveals
both agony and the poised nature!
O beloved, my heart is singing a song
for you!

The aching pain suffers from
the somberness of the heart
that is resilient enough.

Reserving a change in style seems
to be a new habit now.
But this observer is quite happy
with its veritable noticeability
about allowing the ache to pass
through the nerve of the
closeness and singing its song!

So it is tamed without an effort,
and my heart is singing a song for you!