Poems by
Gautam Dhar

A Song for Her

a poem by Gautam Dhar

I see her smile and I do often wonder
‘Bout the way a thousand hearts her smile does sunder
Though try as hard she may as carefully
There’s an emptiness inside that just never shows.

Late at night her sweet old heart gets lonely
As she stares out at the stars up in the sky
And she wonders how she’d feel if only
She could have him by her side to hear him sigh.

Though she never in her dreams saw it losing
The love that’s once so precious and so wild
And she tried as hard she could anticipating
She’d win him back like that with just a smile.

As I wander on her street late in the morn
I can make out her face up in the sky
And the door where she once stood is torn
Lord her face up in the clouds just makes me cry.