Time has to come – I

a poem by Ramesh T A

Human need is too much to satisfy in the world!
“Unless the Lord sanctions the house can’t be built!”
Without Him not even a single atom can move anywhere!
So, time has to come for everything to happen in the world!

Best thing is just to mind one’s business against odds!
“Do your duty without expecting any reward,” says Krishna!
Yes! Gods we pray never fail to lift us from the bottom up!
The rewards will be given to everyone at the appropriate time!

Work of perfection would be beautiful, good and truthful;
Sincere work of a noble and sublime writer will be rewarded
With name and fame and then with possession and position!
For, lively art should always be seen as something divine!

East or west, is not music divine in nature in the world?
For, music is the natural voice of God, the omnipotent!
And the beauty of art and nature are the reflection of God!
So, ripe fruit is poetry with beauty, truth, melody and matter!

Beauty out of chaos symbolizes perfection in sublime poetry!
As poetic perfection people should do duty preceding benefits!
That’s the essence of the subtle message of the Bhagavad-Gita!
That’s where peace and happiness of men lie in the worldly life!

So, to hit the Jack pot, like the perfection of art one should act
Whether it is a part one has to play or make a pot in the world!
That’s the way one has to do duty without expecting any reward
So that the Lord will reward one well at the appropriate time!

In reality good intention of a sincere work is spoiled by silly men;
Suppressing sincere works satanic men soar high in sinful works!
This creates doubt about God believed to come at the time of crisis
In the form of messiahs to make miracles so as to save good men!

Rely not in the magic but in the logic of truth up on cause and effect
Should we really believe in God and go ahead in duty with discipline!
Then only good can become strong and aggressive against evils here
To use knowledge, courage and wealth to weed out all ills anywhere!