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a poem by Diwakar Dhakal

Time never grants
Neo time
Nor it engender neonatal time
An ungrateful manifestation
A Magnanimity of creation
Godly gift to all
No past, no future
But bestows a present

An unconstrained runner
Never forsake shadow
Always embrace true colors
Since kindergarten
Till funeral bed
Cycle of samsara
Bumble and undulates
Round the clock!

By plunging into present time
Earth’s soul can behold
It’s existing blissfulness
Whether enjoyable or unenjoyable
A diktat is always dispensed
To obey its contrivance
No room to preclude

A pre-crafted karma
Collocatededly prettified
Whether you are
Seafarer or Ferry
Aviator or Voyager
Doyen or Disciple
Samaritan or Nemesis
Unlawful or Lawful
Equal time is delimited

Never feel remorseful
To reminisce bygones time
A farrago of passing clouds
An unrepeatable notebook
Unreservedly inobservance
Delphic creation of creator