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a poem by Christuraj Alex

Time is timeless. Uncontrolled! Unquestioned!
Unfaultable! Unopposed! Unfathomed!
She keeps everyone very humbly tied.
The universe, at Time’s command, gets swayed.

I can’t decide my age. Time does for me.
I’m fifty today? Of course, she lies not.
I will not wait, she says. ‘Never stop me’.
Flow with me or fly with me it’s your lot.

She was when I was born. She’s as I live.
She will be when I die; my course to end.
In my sorrow and joy; or hate and love;
In my goodness or bad, she’s till the end.

Time has a harmonious flow. Dusks! Dawns!
Not a river. She’s very well rhythmic.
Time commands, demands yet victory crowns,
Time’s timings are hysteric! Historic!

I asked the time, once, of her destructions.
She said ‘I neither create nor destroy,
I am at the avail of all beings.
Use me or misuse – is your array.’

Time is a good friend. Time can be a foe.
Time, the greatest of a benefactor;
Time can be a blessing. Life’s greatest glow!
I am my Time’s treasure’s sole shareholder.

Time, O beloved! Be benevolent!
Imperfect as I am, make me content.
Do not waste my existence as vacant.
Bless me with graces gracious, abundant.