Why do I hold my head so low?

a poem by Anjali S

I have walked barefoot
through ancient temples
Bent low to enter
deep inside mountains
blessed by gurus
I have dipped my hand in
holy waters
tasted the tears of Gods

I have seen the sunrise
from the top of a volcano
I have dove into many oceans
through goggled eyes
I’ve been a part of schools of
brightly colored fish
I lay in the sun
letting it rejuvenate me

I have eaten natures food
prepared by darkskinned
dreadlocked beauties
strong women
I have felt their daily struggles
just to eat, survive, provide

I have been loved and nurtured
unconditionally by
I have loved
with all I had to give
I have true friendships
summer walks in the rain
felt love on a mountain top
ran through purple flowers
in the greenest fields…

Why then, do I hold myself so low?