The silent promise…. to live for you…

a poem by Suhaib Hassan

Is it the beginning, or is it an end?
Is it the end of a beginning or the beginning of an end?
Why do we live if we have to die?
Why do we want to live when there’s so much pain around?
Why do I need to know when I know that its tough to know?
What is this unfounded fear that scares us all the time?
Who’s big : a woman or her dreams?
Who’s great God or his disciples?
Am I listening or are the words reaching my ears?
Am I fortunate to have you as my friend
Or are you unfortunate to have me in your life?
If life is so important, then why do people die?
What is the ‘real truth’! The lively death or the sinister lives!!
The fancy of one inspires millions to fight!
The zeal to gold, leads to conquests, queries and military mights?
Is everything with a mark – a question?
Then what about questions that are without a mark-
Should they be called ‘silent questions’?
What is more difficult to answer-
A question with a mark or questions with pause!!
I need no money, I need no might-
I need no power, I need no right
I miss no one!
Except for my Lord!!
All I need is the freedom to explore, to seek n’ to search!!!
Thanks my lovely Lord, for giving me this freedom to seek n’ to find
I found in the sands of time, my soulmate, my love
Lovely Lord! if you loved me so much to take me in his arms
Then why did you take him away
Or rather… why was I a fool to let him go
Give me one moment, just one chance
To let all the dreams we dreamt, to make them true!