Poems by
Suhaib Hassan

My life…

a poem by Suhaib Hassan

When my life was a candle in the wind,
Lovingly you put your hands around
“Let the light be yours & pains be mine
live sweetheart, for you have to live to give light.”
Every time it flickered, you said ’No. Live. Live for me… live for love’
Every time it drizzled, you made rainbows
Of every drop that trickled down my cheeks
Every time I floundered, you said, let me lead
Every time the vision blurred, you said, don’t despair
Look… look at the autumn leaves, the cheerful springs
Look from my eyes, the dream we dream
Every time I promised, I failed
Every time you said you won’t lead, yet you led the way
And today… as I comprehend as I can feel the real essence
When I have so much to share
When I know, you are yearning to be here
And today when it drizzles once again
Won’t you come to cheer me
With the promise of a spring
On this rainy day!