The Mirror of Time

a poem by Jan Oskar Hansen

Come. Let’s Live Forever

On this blanched land, under a white sky,
where there is no night or day, nor sun
or shadows, where time left at noon and
the clock is forever precisely twelve; here
they live those who dreamed of everlasting
life, hollow eyed, unconscious by boredom,
they walk on dust free roads and no longer
hear the only tape that plays, over and over,
“I can’t live without you.”


Sea and Land

The sea is the sea is…
but the rock it embraces
is slowly being worn away
by its endless embraces
until one amorous wave
chase another across
an ocean of perpetuity
and cries of anguish go


Once One Did!

Was it a misfortune?
That an apple tree
Grew on a hill so steep
That one apple fell off
Before picked (one
Always does) and
Rolled down the hill into
A stream, floated to
The ocean and further
Out, till it stranded on
An island paradise where
An fruit tree grew and where
Its apples never fall far from
Its trunk.