Hidden Love

a poem by Padmini

Where is that love now?
Just where is it?
Sure thing, it was there.
Beyond the darkness which had enveloped me.

Now, there is darkness again everywhere.
There is once again no light of love.
Every day comes and goes.
Just like the seasons, but where are you?

Every other person is a stranger now.
I have even forgotten myself.
This unfathomable distress has engulfed me.
Just like the day, you are lost.

Reason has deserted me since.
Everything is not the same as it used to be.
When I look everywhere I see only pain now.
Just like the rain, you are washed away.

Just passing, maybe one day I’ll see you.
Maybe things even will not be the same.
But at least there will a momentary sight.
Just like an old tree, you might forever stay
with me.