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Tales from my other day

a poem by Padmini

I remember the day that crazy dawn.
That day when we were no more than acquaintance.
The day we walked on the grass on my lawn.
The day I decided to drop my friendship pretense.

I remember the night that dreamy night.
Where the light in the heart lay ignight.
Our hearts at passion, oh! what a plight.
With fire in your eyes, oh! what a sight.

You did have a way with your eyes and words.
You wormed the way to my heart and thoughts.
My love for you overwhelmed even me at times.
Assuring me love forever, oh! what a crime.

I was innocent and absolutely gullable.
What I thought forever was only in fables.
I did everything to stop you I was unable.
But the life you led made me uncomfortable.

Anything I could agree but not cheating.
For me, politics was nothing but defeating.
Everything there was done for one’s own treating.
To show that you were the master of every meeting.

But there you were the son of the Indian dawn.
Thinking that politics is the reason you were born.
Meetings and me your life was really torn.
But you choose your career and one day you were gone.

But I still remember that night full of love.
That night I remember to God I bow.
And to the man who taught me how to love.
For each other hearts we pine, now don’t you wonder how?