Again A Negative Day

a poem by Mukul Lukhey

Life, it’s bound to change, every moment,
In it’s own style, in it’s own way,
The course seems to be rough for me,
With lots of up’s and downs,
The days look hard to me and
Difficult to bear,
Awaiting a bless from the success angel,
Here I am looking so pale,
Writing a new Failure’s Tale.

Today, It’s yet another gloomy day,
Where I sound so negative,
When the zeal to prove perished,
And emotions are on the lowest low,
Here I am trying to find the reason,
Why life has struck this big blow??

The storm blew in one day,
Had all my passion over,
With joys gone and happiness ending,
It’s just shattered my dreams and as always,
By cursing destiny, the silence breaks
With a silent look down the lane,
I meet this night as my life’s bane,
With the sky looking as dark as never,
And in the clouds of anger,
I rest my head this night,
On a fiery bed,
Only to get blanketed in a desert
Of loneliness and fright.
It’s then, I wake up lost and forlorn,
From the long gusty night,
To see the angels of success,
Blessing me with nothing, but,
More Failures than Success.