Nighttime Lover

a poem by Scarlett O’hara

I sit and watch the sun go down,
And twilight take the place of day,
There is so much in my heart,
But what I feel, I cannot say.

And so I write this tale of mine,
So that at least you know,
The words I hide inside my heart,
The feelings I do not show.

The days are full of sunshine and laughter,
The gilt that hides the rot,
But one day it all shall crumble,
Like an unbaked earthen pot.

The night is my lover
And brings me sweet release,
Giving me the liberty
To do whatever I please.

While I sleep my lover comes,
To lead me by the hand,
He takes me to his fantasy,
To an enchanted land.

He leads me in a dance sublime,
One with me till the end of time,
Loving me, he is my own,
In me the seed of madness sown,
Recklessly he twirls me round
His magic music the only sound
In his eyes burns a fire
Kindled by a spark of desire.

All night long we dance
Dance with love and want and need,
Faster and faster my feet fly
Anxious to follow his lead

But soon it’s time for us to part,
And go, each our own way,
After the night of ecstasy
The agony of another day.

My darling love, my velvet night,
As we draw apart,
I swear to you, you’ll live in me,
My mind, my soul, my heart.

Give me this, my darling love
This promise while you’re here
You’ll come to me night after night
And dance with me and hold me near.

Make love to me and hold me close
All through the night
Make me believe you will return,
Only to leave at dawn’s first light.

And as you leave know this one thing,
That I have you in my soul,
And I shall always be a part of you,
The one that makes you whole.