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a poem by Christuraj Alex

The Almighty has created me an angel.
The mindlessness in me has changed me a devil.
When I have a beautifully sensitive nose,
Why am I unable to smell a fragrant rose?

My sense of taste has been, preciously marvelous.
I have marvelously turned it highly tasteless.
How my sober, secure, sure sense of soulful sight,
Has turned into dull, dark, dim, dreary deadly light?

My hearing sense seems sound, and sensitively sharp,
Why am I not able to hear my own sharp harp?
Though thousands fall on me like heavy human rocks,
I don’t feel their touch or even the rocking knocks.

If I could mindfully sit the morning moment
Meditating the beauty of God’s covenant…
If I could eat my food savoring every taste,
Tasting and relishing and knowing every waste…

If I could watch the birds and hear the flowers bloom,
And be one with hard-working honey bees and plume…
If I calm my mind and completely concentrate,
Relaxing and light like saints within levitate…

If I owing my compassion fraternal love,
Make someone feel the compassion of God above…
If I am an innocent immaculate child,
And thus my soul always in purity abides…

If I could feel the feeling when I plant a tree,
The true feeling-full feeling of planting the tree…
If I could create things than merely copying,
Partake in God’s continued act of creating…

If I could manually work hard and sweat well,
Keep healthy and hearty my every little cell…
It’s then the mindfulness will make its home in me,
And in that home, God of love will abide with me.

“My mind has, alas, gone very far-far from me,
It has gone beyond control like a drunken monkey” (Poet)