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I’m depressed

a poem by Hannah

I’m a teenager and so I’m too depressed by the past days
My mind can’t control what I’m thinking
I can’t bear the truth in front of me
My nature alone had gone
When my parents say something to me I’m too depressed

My feet are paining
My eyes can’t control the tears
That I weep alone in a corner of the room unknown for something.
I don’t know who is God now
I’m not able to pray
I’m not finding interest in anything

Studying hard, but it doesn’t pay
Being at home the whole day now
I’m so and so sad thinking around me
And don’t think am something of a psycho
I’m saying to my mind ‘You’re a teenager’
It’s common, but my parents can’t bear it
Can I find anyone who can understand me?
No I think.