Song For All Lovers

a poem by Gautam Dhar

At the end of the day he stares out alone
With his eyes so lost and as dry as a stone
Sitting on a rock as he talks to the wind
He thinks back again on a time he’d known

And he roves by the oak on a night so quiet
Lost in the days that seemed so bright
Just longing for a shadow that was once so deep
In the hush of the night you could hear him weep

Somewhere far away she passes her time
Just longing for her love’s long lost chime
Lord but she knows of the line that was drawn
Still her eyes get wet for reasons that don’t rhyme

And she cries in the dark on an eve so gray
Lost in his love that’s now gone away
Just yearning for the days when stars shone bright
Lord how she longs just to hold him tight

Now the evening’s low and the moon’s riding high
He stares out again with a tear in his eye
A love that he knew lies still on the ground
But his song won’t cease till the day he’ll die.