a poem by Gummadapu Narasimha Rao

Belle village merged musing ballads in the wood
Placid prince plunged in hunting his candid deed,
Gazed at lucid maid and uttered, stunning beauty
Asserted he, instant passion, accredited she petty.

Wedded ahead angel Flora, the ken duke mighty
Spent beneath tree shades, brief span with gaiety,
Yearned to expound her, just that gifted princess
But, leaped in abrupt battle, furious lion peerless.

Sordid war news, prince attained heavenly abode
Lassie castles crumbled, but subsisted for replica,
Breathed she only to bless issue of lord departed
Gaining demise her, hailing miracle God granted.

Fauna! fostered prince in flora akin watch-guard
Chronicled kinsmen, sable episode mourned king,
Anon-blazoned, wood lad pro prince of kingdom
Cheered country, that celestial choice by wisdom.

Escorted angelic son as rampart parents’ shadow
Echoes tale elated, thought not that fable mellow,
Alms Almighty save suave son of sane solicitous
Chant thy legend, as carols serene that sagacious.