Poems by
Gummadapu Narasimha Rao

American Consulate

a poem by Gummadapu Narasimha Rao

O! Consulate General, thy deeds art noble,
And draw visitors at dawn akin bees fable,
Queue them thou as row of ants glee sight,
All eager to enter that ardent edifice might.

Combed ahead threshold in and out guard
Crawled in profiting bless of bliss reward,
Made us to sit in squares, just caged birds,
Fatigued all yawn and nap like tender kids.

Bell awoke all, from aiming deemed flight,
Called for pre check granting tenable right,
Pivotal eagles elite, view visits vital motto,
Hailed my lurid poetry like lore yore Plato.

Quizzed queer quarries on apt poetic quest
Gratified my factual discrete caloric thrust,
Granted soon visa boon patting bards meet
Plunged heart mine, in bay of glee discreet.

Flew to Florida peeping world poets’ guild
Mellow ditty Adolescence sung I, that gild,
Gifted me reward, the poet of merit award,
Avow aye I awe ken consulate cute petard.

When he has visited the American Consulate General, Madras, India, for obtaining visa, he has composed this poem about the ardent toils of visa officials.