Poems by
Anil Kumar P K

Salty Water

a poem by Anil Kumar P K

If tears can tell a story, can I write with it?
Can I recycle them?
Why can’t I collect them and put them in a bottle and then offer it to someone?
Will it get into someone’s body and help that person understand my tale?
Can I mix sugar with it and consume.
Will it make any difference to the tears which will flow down my cheeks, henceforth?
Can I mix it with some colours and create a touching masterpiece?
And if it can melt things, why not collect it and
gift it to people who have to try too hard to prove themselves.
After all they may never be able to pluck that moon
and stars from the sky, as they promise!
But what is the difference between the tears of a person
who can see and a person who’s blind.
Will the tears of a blind show anything?
Or will it just speak?
And what about when you cry and instead of tears, blood flow?
Can you donate them?
How does a drop of salty water move nations, effect opinions, change attitudes?
It must be full of energy.
Why can’t we convert the tear power and use it.
There is no dearth of it.
Next time a tear streams down someone’s cheek,
let hope it will bring a smile on someones face.