a poem by Mukul Gupta

Helpless was I
when my heart was taken away

Helpless were the rainy days with sleepless nights that swept away
which watched with silence… that heart being hayed and shattered

Helpless were those winds of destiny
which saw those weeping pieces being wildly scattered

Helpless was that emotional glue
which then tried to hold those lost pieces back together

Helpless was this fate, which in good faith
then tried to stitch my lil’ soul together
Because helpless was that unchimed hour
when that innocent lil’ soul also got snatched away

Helpless is now this wondering physical form
Without its heart of love, and its soul to caress

But so Helpless were they who took my basics away
For they couldn’t take my Faith away from this physical hay

The everlasting Faith that never got swayed
To which some Angels shouldered those humble wings that prayed

A prayer that this physical form has always obeyed

“Lose thou shalt thy heart, thy soul
But never give up thy Faith
Be shalt thy form as lifeless and helpless as a hay
But never give in to fate.”