Poems by
Mukul Gupta

Why do I smile?

a poem by Mukul Gupta

Once on a blue moon night
With those prophetic stars gazing from the silent skies
While she was cuddling by my side
Twinkling her bright gray eyes like my morning sunrise
I held her little Angelic hands
and questioned my sweet lil’ soul
“Muskan, why do you always Smile”!!

Her graceful lil’ eyes pondered for a while
She tweaked her rosy nose with another naughty smile
And with her delicate eyebrows raised for a while
she tiptoed deep into my eye
And through those tiny few teeth sparkling from her smile
She whispered softly with delight…
“Pappa, its sho shimple why I shmile…
Its all this Heavenly Love which makes me smile
The humble Earth where hope and innocence survives,
With God’s Blessings where Sun of Justice will always rise
The silent blue skies where clouds of love do their humble sacrifice,
To shower the flowers below with raindrops of surprise
Faith in my Country for which I’m never shy
Love of your soul, which always waits for me down the aisle
My true love for you, which I don’t have to disguise
Purity of my heart, which I don’t need to quantify
My innocent little friends, whose conscience I don’t have to spy
So when there’s nothing that I can despise
no mean, no bad thoughts to devise
no enemies, no foes to criticize
no hatred, no grudge to satisfy
no sins, no quarrels to justify
no stubbornness, no ego to publicize
no false dreams, no characters to scrutinize
no tensions, no problems to simplify
then why should I not Smile, with your everlasting love on my side
Its just this child’s vision of the world which makes me Smile.”