Left behind…

a poem by Maryse Saldanha

I look out of the window and see the busy street
Nothing much to do, my thoughts keep me company
I pull up a seat wondering what next will be
Across the street I spot a little girl prancing carefree

I close my eyes as I recline on the chair
All existence now seems languished
There’s just me and the chair
My mind wanders my body sways
A sudden lull then fills the air
I hear a strange sound I know not from where

I look around seeking someone for comfort
But look all around there is no one there
I run down the hallway, out of the house
Right into the middle of the street
There is none around just the little girl
Who absorbed in herself continues her play

I proceed slowly towards her
I do not wish to scare her away
She seems oblivious of my presence
And continues her play
‘Little girl,’ I call to her she turns and smiles
‘Come with me,’ says she, ‘Let us have some fun’

I follow her through dark alleys to the open fields
She laughs and runs around like a wild bee
She waves to me to join her and become
A little child again, can this be done?
My reserve stops me from this incorrect conduct
I can’t behave as a wanton
This just cannot be done

As I see the little girl
I feel both sadness and joy
For all that she is for all that I’ve lost
Gone is the innocence
Lost is all the kindness
In my quest for riches
There is time for no one

I hear someone laugh someone calls out my name
Then many more voices some familiar some vague
But when I look around no one can I find
I hear the voices and laughter
They mock at me, in them I drown

Dejected and sad I turn around
Back to the chair back to the house
In a bid to achieve I’ve left much behind
Both family and friends their love and time
I have much with me but not true love
There are many around me
But to call my own I have none