Happy Valentine’s Day

a poem by Sidharth Kumar

The twelvemonth sun this day again
brightens the sky with vivacious love like a new beam
All amorous eyes anxiously awaiting the sweet rain
that will pour in and let the twosome gleam

Moon flakes that would shower on us
covering every street of love just like the confetti
Every couple consecrated with, thus
blooming smiles on the beau and his sweaty

This Unbreakable and Palatable love
flowing in streams of endless stoppages
May not see right nor left, giving everything in its path a shove
cruising barriers has been love’s intent since ages

Realised my heart got blemished the day it fell for you
no analgesic still invented to alleviate its pain
Every rhythm through it like the strumming of a guitar feels like dejavu
calling for you relentlessly is me insane

I’d walk thousand miles to make and see you smile
and every trail of tear that would wipe the rouge of your cheeks
May bring down a flood of ails in my life so hostile
your sorrows be mine, my share of happiness be your peaks

When mind gave up any scope of space
you created room as a fourth dimension in my life
Facilitating you was this generous heart, to have left its dwelling place
just to accommodate you without any strife

Lost and discombobulated as I have always been
searching packets of hope in this love network
Guiding me in this ordeal were your eye’s sheen
may almighty always uphold this natures masterwork

In the dream of dreams, think of you
pray to seek the best of death in your arms
Will then the man in me be so kind of you
already half of me, dead with your charms

Every candle I burnt in your name spelled the dark out of me
The temple of love I built in my heart seeks idols like to worship
On closing my eyes, is only your presence I feel besides me
Your’s and my name engraved in the scintillating sky can’t be snipped

As magnificent and grandeur like the snowy peaks is you
an aura of feminity and gracility
embellished with comely behaviour and adorned with resplendent hue
reincarnation of a soul poised with subtlety and humility

Today only ain’t a special day for me to feel romantic
when everyday is a special day to love and feel you
Crazy as I was yesterday, Crazy as I am today so frantic
even the cupid wouldn’t falter to say a yes about me and you

Love transformed a beast into human but you turned me a charmer of words
no fresh carnation flowers or roses that I could present you today
Have tried hard to scent all I have worked in these words
may the aroma get effervescent on the lovers day

A tribute for everything big you created in my small life
these few lines may not commensurate for all you have done till today
Token of affection for you in numberless forms so rife
oh Dear, before the sun sets, let me wish you a “Happy Valentines Day!”