a poem by Vikram Paharia

With eyes closed all through the night
I think of the world we live in
It’s not so dark and not even bright
Nothing is clear, just a bitter bite
There is so much that we can write
There is so much still to be done
Love and bliss are still to be unfolded
Cause the song is yet unsung.

Is the world so big to part our hands?
Are we taking the sun to the other side?
One can always imagine the impossible
If only our minds could judge the beautiful
But the dreams in our eyes are yet to be seen
For the night is there but no one to sleep
The shadows are lost in the darkness of life
For every heartbeat still remains unsung.

Unsung is the sorrow of a lonely lady
Unsung is the horror of a crying baby
Unsung is the pity of the unfortunate
Unsung is the plight of humanity’s death
So rise up to the stage and sing it for all
Cause the words are there, just rhythms to call.