Poems by
Vikram Paharia

Broken Candles

a poem by Vikram Paharia

The dust in eyes makes you think
Where are the days we used to win
Still the shadows are so long
But the chill in the wind remains so strong.
Silence surrounds you and darkness makes its way
The candles are broken, humanity graves its day.

The memories are there only to fade away
Cobwebs on the wall, just a story to say
What used to be yesterday is what we want today
Whoever knew that one day so far evil would lay.
There is a light in every human eye
We can bring back what we lost
But we cannot bring the dead alive
The martyrs have already paid the cost.
Melt the wax and build your way
Cause the candles of love have broken down
But days to come and times to see
We can bring them together, broken candles.