What is Love?

a poem by Abhimanyu Bishnu Dr.

Love isn’t about rivalry-
It isn’t about two people
Engaged in a game of
“I’m better than you.”
It isn’t about two people
Bent on destroying each other
In a stormy and short-lasting
And intensely exhausting relationship.

It is about adjusting oneself
To the faults of the other;
It isn’t always about
Bindings and obligations;
It isn’t about finding
The person of your dreams-
It is about letting
A person make your dreams come true.

It is about letting the other person be
What he or she wants to be.
It is often full of bitterness
But often also full of happiness
And contentment at finding
A person so close to your heart.

Love isn’t about dreary drudgery-
It isn’t about
Nerve-wracking marriages and
Ear-wracking kids.
It is about the flowers
Of longing, affection and excitation
That blossom in the meadow of the heart
Of the person who cares to nurture them.

It is about youth-
Resisting, trying to break free
From the chains of
Obligations, commitments, controls and morals.
It is about lying
Underneath the blue sky
And dreaming of a life
That is never found
But which we can
Always spend our days searching.

You are young
For only so long-
And then the world casts you
Into the role of a real-life person.
As youth goes and you grow older
You find commitments all around;
You find love shattered,
Your idyllic dreams broken
And you find yourself pushed
Into a role that you
Do not like
But yet cannot leave.

As long as youth remains,
Try to reap the harvest
Of the seeds that you sowed
Of youthful love.
Remember those years
When you first learnt to love?
Remember those dreams
That you as an adolescent dreamt?

Love doesn’t always last
In its physical form forever
For the entire duration
Of your life;
But if two people
Ever love each other whole-heartedly,
The effects last
Long beyond the years of their
Youth, middle-age and old age.

Spark those embers,
Rekindle those buried dreams;
Learn to enjoy the fact
That life is beautiful after all.
And you know
What is most beautiful about life?
It is the feeling
Of being in love.