Girl with an air

a poem by Padmini

I met this girl a year before,
I got a chance to know her therefore.

You should have seen her in that party.
She made it known to everyone she was a smarty.

Her dress was tweeny too high
probably that is all she could buy.

The sight of her made every male glance.
With her every one wanted a chance to dance.

They all oiled their way to her.
While asking her to dance with them in a slur.

With an air about her, she held her head high
and squeaked with a shrill voice, my my.

Well there was no harm in a try.
The boys left her in a sly.

Anyway she danced with none.
She became in the party a pun.

Do you know who she was.
She was my best enemy that’s what she was.

Till today she is the boss.
Great girl still stays at a loss.

Even now she stands singled.
’cause with none she mingled.

Today I am well, and a great swell
She is in tears, for the many years.