Love and nature’s fury

a poem by Pramila Toppo V

Can an a twister be stopped from carrying away
In its arms all that comes in its way?
Can a whirlpool be stopped from drowning
Into the depths of its heart a small raft?
Can an earthquake be stopped from swallowing
All that exists on top of its land?
Can a flood be stopped from washing away
Man and animal, alive and dead all alike till
They loose strength to fight against it and just sink to the bottom?
Can a volcano be made to swallow its own lave
And not burning all that tries to stop it?
Can a black hole be stopped from sucking into it self
All the stars and planets around it?

Is it possible? Is it in human hands?
Nature has its own course and can never be stopped.
Then how do people expect-
This twister of love not to blow me off my feet
And carry me away in its arms?
This whirlpool of feeling not to
Drown me in its self?
This earthquake of rejection not to
Swallow me not six but hundreds of feet below?
This flood of tears not to make me loose
My strength and sink to its very depths?
This volcano of self hatred
Not to burn my soul for ever?
This black hole of depression not to suck into it self
Me and all the things that around me?

When none of these- natures fury
Be controlled by the entire mankind,
Can I control a twister, a whirlpool
An earthquake, a flood, a volcano and a black hole
in my heart? Which to me
Are like these natural phenomena and nothing less.
Both love and nature fury can neither be avoided nor be controlled…
They exist just to take away what rightfully belongs to them.