College Boy in Love

a poem by Vanlalfaka

I felt so happy,
When I fell in love,
‘Coz it was my first time.
Nothing was so wrong,
And everything was so afresh.
I knew love was so blind,
But I was so blind,
‘Coz I was inexperienced,
Who turned to be college boy.
I’m so young,
To build small world.
The way you allured me,
By smiles and sweet words,
Turned into nightmare,
When you asked me,
To give you everything;
And you said good bye,
When I told you to wait.
I have to confess,
I’m so novice,
To give you everything,
‘Coz I’m just a student.
Baby, would you love me,
When I come back as a man,
For you and me.