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How pitiful am I

a poem by Vanlalfaka

Oh my little sweetie,
I felt like flying as a bird in open air,
With the guidance of your love,
I conquered and flew high in the air,
And never looked down what it stored
Beneath the blue sky,
Coz’ my heart said you’d be with me forever.

But when you left me suddenly in mid air,
Like a chick drop was by his companion,
Without knowing how to keep,
The pitiful bird fell down on stony ground,
And what he got was broken wings,
So do I as a pity bird,
My entire dreams shattered into pieces.

When the fallen chick looks up at the sky,
And see thousands of birds flying,
He envies them and wishes to fly again,
But without remorse he jumps on the ground.
So do I ever remorse,
The love I have for thee,
Make me smile and peace,
Even if you left me,
Coz’ self-sacrifice is true love,
And I’ll smile all the time,
If you have peace of mind.

**Love the heart that hates you,
and never betray the heart that loves you.