Unbound Life

a poem by Arul Prakash

“What’s in your mind?” I asked.
“Show me your dreams”, I meant.
Dreams unwound.
The mysteries were dense, the bright light blinded me.
He showed me his dreams.
I saw the lives of a 1000 people,
they flashed – On and Off, On and Off.
I saw the boy’s eyes which dreamed of the flight.
I saw the Mother’s eyes seeking for food for her hungry child.
I saw the estranged traveler’s eyes which searched for the direction.
I saw the fisherman’s expectant eyes, for the days catch.
I saw the cat’s gentle paw, asking for the fish
I saw the scared fish’s eyes asking for its life. Its freedom.
I saw the grief of the ocean, for it had parted the fish.
I saw the clouds weep for they could not bear the pain of the gloomy ocean.
I saw the smiling face of the farmer, for it had rained.
I saw the haste of the bird, to catch the worm,
for it was already early and it had rained last night.
I saw the careless eyes of the worm,
for it asked for the sun to bask its wet home.
“Those are just a few”, he said, “I want to live all those lives.
Everyday is a new experience and every moment worth its weight in gold.”