Upgradation of Degradation – I

a poem by Ramesh T A

Upgradation of human life is the purpose of creation of man;
But degradation of human life is due to the destructions of man.
What is the use of worshipping the Sun after becoming blind?
So, make hay while the Sun shines to overcome the winter woes
Like the ant that saves grains in the summer to enjoy in the winter!

Man has evolved from the animal says the theory of Science;
And God has evolved from man says the faith of Religion!
So, man of faith or science finally comes to the same conclusion;
Purpose of concern is the same for both but system varies.
So, by knowledge or devotion only the puzzle can be solved.

Vision of the past is materialised by the intelligence of the present;
And hence many dreams of yesterday have become realities of today!
Prophesies of doom or intuitional predictions are yet to occur,
Though scientifically or intellectually they may not be proved.
So, men can only wait and watch or explore means to prevent
So that disappointment or disillusionment can be defied that day!

That is the way fate can be surmounted by intelligence at the end!
The great truth or whole truth can be understood by vision or accident;
This birth or subsequent one will reveal the right track to realise it.

The first stage is the discovery of stone and its end is destruction;
The second stage is the birth of plant and its completion is death;
The third stage is the birth of animal and its completion is death;
The fourth stage is the birth of man and his completion is death;
But with the death of man the spirit within is finally liberated!

The final stage is the birth of divine being aiming for the Universal Spirit
And the union of the spirit inside with the Spirit outside is infinite divinity!