a poem by Rohit Verma

Walking down the tunnel
Moving beyond time
Dark cavern
Where do I go? – beyond eternity perhaps
Or else dense forest
Brightly lit by heavenly lamp
Still can’t figure out my face
All alone in the crowd
Shouting in a bustling market place
To fall on deaf ears
Or by the elegance of the mighty
My tongue fails me!
Opulent blind, bourgeois ‘dumb’ as always
‘Finding joy in suffering’!
Blasphemous the world seems
Down the year ‘Maturity’ overrules me
‘Soothing effect it had” father said so
Calling out names – my priority
Seemed my prize
“Horatious and Odyssiuous”
Jokers of arena
Combating to narrow down their names
In the history of mortals
Who’s dumb? Who’s deaf?
Is yet to be seen
The pen writes out
Palimpsest paean still musical
Poetry and literature for the progeny
Or obeisance on a day!
And pawns fighting for the pagan world
(Again and again)
But not for the ode
They deserve so much
‘Gentle mob’ cerebrate for a moment
The immortal caboodle of ‘stoics’
Died much before their death
And rise like ‘phoenix’
“To die until their death”.