The Banyan Tree

a poem by Bijay Kant Dubey

Under which we used to sit and play
Leading to the hoses
Of the hamlet
Where the birds used
To be nested in
And whose roots
Used to hang by
Under the shade of the banyan tree
So stemming
With a circumference
So age-old and mighty
Heavily-branched and logged
Ewe used to pass the midday
Of the hot summer
When the loo used to ruffle us,
The mud houses used to be
Humid and perspiring
We used to play, pause by
And pass time
Was cut down
One day
The loggers
Wood-cutters came
They and the family members
Agreed to sell off
The joint property
When the population outnumbered
And it urbanized
The villages started taking
The position of townships
Btu it could not be
In a day
They first started cutting
Chopping off the tiny branches
Then the logs
And finally pulling it down
The stem
Hewing with a saw
And with the cutting
Of it
The memories obliterated
The memories of ancestors
And childhood memories