Celebration of Independence Day – I

a poem by Ramesh T A

The celebration of the sixtieth Indian independence day all do elaborately;
Is it essential to celebrate Independence Day sans progress so lavishly?
When problems of poverty and unemployment are yet to be solved,
Is it necessary Independence Day has to be celebrated in such grandeur?

For the successful completion of 59 years of democracy we are celebrating!
Yes! When dictatorship rules other countries democracy still rules India well!
Liberty and rights Indian citizens have ever since India got independence;
But the Anglo-bourgeois bureaucrats and politicians poor style of functioning
Still keep most people most backward and obstruct their progress in India!

It is urgent men of character and discipline should be there in public service;
Also social reforms only can save the people from the evils, caste and corruption
Necessary for right thinking that leads the people to prosperity in all fields!

With 6,00,000 crore rupees, interlinking of Indian rivers has to be implemented still;
If it is done well as per the plan it will look like a wonderful garland of India!
And agricultural and navigational facilities will immensely benefit the whole nation!

Sethusamudhram Canal Project, another long dream of leaders is yet to be done
To facilitate shipping activities of the country without going round Sri Lanka!
If technologies were used many problems would have been solved long ago!

Independence or not, by now water and other problems ought to have been solved!
India could have become much prosperous had it got independence 30 years later!
Due to Mahatma Gandhi India got premature independence with problems only!
Otherwise India too could have developed better like Japan, France and Korea!
Realising this Indian people must coordinate their efforts towards prosperity!