Independence of India – I

a poem by Ramesh T A

Patriots, philosophers, poets and people of India,
All worked for independence against foreign rulers.
Patriots sacrificed their lives for the nation;
Philosophers theorised the truth of nationalism;
And poets symbolised the power of the nation!

Sons gave up their lives for the nation;
Lovers sacrificed their love for the nation;
Friends gave up their friendship for the nation;
All leaders, workers and people of India,
All struggled for independence, the only goal in life!

Independence was the honour and self respect for all;
To achieve that goal how many have how much paid?
Mere words of praise could not repay that dear price!

In 1947 India got independence from the foreigners,
The fruit of the great sacrifices of our forefathers
For the youth to enjoy freedom and remember
The real story of the toils and travails of them
To maintain the independence against all enemies!

Yes! The enemies are not outside but inside now!
The enemies of liberty and democracy are formidable;
They have to be fought to retain India’s independence.