a poem by Bedatri

It’s a dark night tonight-the stars don’t shine.
At such a time, is there anyone I can call mine?
The skies growl with a ghastly frown-
Any shoulder I can rest my throbbing head on?

Can I close my eyes tonight,
And never wake up to see tomorrow?
Can I free myself from these worldly bonds,
From the lifelong sorrow?

Can I abandon this orphaned life
And wake up in the lap of death?
Tranquil and serene-
Away from life’s fetid breath?

Break the strings that bind me-
The clocks tick away and call out to me.
Will I find a way out of this winding maze
And walk myself up the stairs-
Away from this deceit, away from this haze?

I see the black horse standing, as the mists rise-
Can I not sleep, and never wake up to see tomorrow’s sunrise?
Just a leap is all I need to fall
Into the serene lap of death.
Just a leap is all I need to fall
To live with the stars and away from you all.

No tears to bid me adieu,
No knells to mark my death.
No hand to caress my head-
Just a leap, is all I need
To end my wait