Everything Timed-out

a poem by Sudarshan Madhav Karhale

Waiting for the downpour to cease,
watching out through the glass pane of a window;
I saw the seven hues spreading out in the clear sky,
a rainbow big and colourful,
you know?

As I rushed quickly out of the door
to catch a glimpse of its splendrous beauty;
I heard a loud roar in the rear,
it was my boss calling me for the duty.

Walking backwards to my plush cabinet,
it had almost been time for an early sunset;
I turned around beseated in my sturdy armchair,
checking out for my messy wet hair.

The cup of hot coffee was already cold,
I also had finished my job as I was told;
it was then complete silence outside,
my weary eyes got opened wide.

All my colleagues had left the office,
except me lagging behind with extra hours to suffice;
I did tried hard to have some fun,
but to my surprise,
I could have none.

I almost had lost myself
engaged typing on the laptop screen bright;
gathering my stuff,
I sprinted towards the exit
when the round-faced clock screamed 11 O’ clock of night.