Poems by
Sudarshan Madhav Karhale

A Pleasant Morning

a poem by Sudarshan Madhav Karhale

Another beautiful morning
starts with your priceless smile;
the Almighty Himself gazes
its splendid beauty for a while.

The closed flowers open wide,
filled with joy and mirth;
we sing an acoustic prayer before stepping down from the sleeping bed,
showing utmost gratitude towards our mother Earth.

The cold breeze of the dark night
is supplanted by a warm blanket of the rising sun;
energized once again for a new beginning,
we set off to do our routine work along with lots of fun.

With a refreshing cup of hot tea or coffee,
awakens our sleepy mind and soul;
last two lines for my dear friends to conclude,–
keep smiling,
take care;
I wish heartily
many happy returns of this bright day to all!