Poems by
Sudarshan Madhav Karhale

Outbreak of ‘Love’

a poem by Sudarshan Madhav Karhale

A ‘nasty neighbour’ has entered into
the colonies of so-called ‘human beings’.
Everyone is searching frantically for ‘him’,
eradicating ‘his’ presence from
the living and the non-living.

Some shake hands with a deep gratitude;
the others always keep ‘him’ at bay.
“‘He’ is quarantined for good.”, one says,
while the opposite thinks that,
it was not a wise way.

‘He’ knocks at every door passing by,
asking himself for a ‘new shelter’.
The ‘kind’ shows up openly to ‘him’,
despite the knowledge of ‘deadly stranger’.

The ‘cunning’ watches afar
from a dusty window pane,
out of life,
screaming loud,
“Don’t let ‘him’ in.”.
it was already,
too late for it,
as ‘he’ had made ‘his’ ‘wicked move’.

We ‘flirt’ with ‘him’,
every now and then,
forgetting about our ‘first love’.
the day arrives,
when ‘he’ takes you with ‘him’–
to your ‘final destiny’ forever,
through a journey of pain and misery to en-dove.