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I am a Feminist

a poem by Jinto

I am a feminist
I believe in freedom,
Not that of only women,
Not that of only men,
I believe in freedom,
That of the whole mankind.

I am a feminist,
I have my own rights.
And I always stand with
The rights of him too.
I am a feminist, only because
I need my man, with me.

I dialogued with him,
I argued with him,
I fought with him and
Denied his beliefs, because
I am a feminist, and
I want him to be of
Impeccable character.

I criticized him
Often and often,
And challenged him,
To prove his points, because
I am a feminist and
I want mine to be
The finest man.

I denied his needs,
Shut my eyes and ears,
Said no to the pains,
He imparted on me, because
I am a feminist, and
I want mine to be
The most refined man.

Yes, I am a feminist,
Only because
I need my man besides me,
Forever and evermore.