Sofa’s Day Out

a poem by Inchara

One sunny morn we set out in spirits high
Sending a sofa to distant place was the plan
From one shop to next we hopped in craze
“This is small, this is low”, each echoed in phrase

“I have a better one,” sighed the shopkeeper
Finally a classic piece was chosen in elation
But transferring her miles across was the snag
“Don’t worry, I’am there” intruded the owner in brag

Quick fix was made for the sofa procession
There began, exciting journey of the classic splendor
We returned home triumphant, smiles wide spread
Dinner table sounded high of the rousing trip ahead

Sleep eluded nervous minds and fidgety body
Phone calls many were exchanged hurriedly,
People on either end were excited immensely
Oncoming queen had reception planned grandly

People waited expectedly for the precious moment
Each had own fantasy about the journey scene
Red carpet was laid in honor of the beauty queen

But, the first rays of dawn was interrupted hastily
By the ringing of the telephone continually
“Sofa has not yet reached!” exclaimed one
“The bus must be delayed” consoled another

Minutes inched to hours, still no sign of her
“Sorry madam, she is still here”, groaned the owner
“What! I don’t believe it”, I screamed in horror

The demeanor queen had traveled to the depot
Wrapped in three layers of safety cover to report
But Lo! She was rejected entry into the coach
Crowd was too much to accommodate her load

Back in the showroom she sat bleakly
“Oh no! What a misfortune”, we moaned sadly