Into a new world

a poem by Jagganathan V

As my eyes wilt, I slowly drift into a state of rest,
Not knowing that I am going to have the day’s best;
Transported into a world – a queer world it was,
Where I could see the wonderful creation of my only boss;

Those beautiful colourful flowers with a silky touch and an irresistible fragrance,
Has a natural power to make me one sing and dance;
Though short their span of glory and beauty,
Makes me feel I am under their captivity;

Then I come across a rare sight,
When I see that the animals in the jungle do not fight,
Instead they cuddle and huddle each other,
And they proudly say that they will always be together;

At last I come across my members, the superior sixth sense creature,
Who continues to be an object of torture;
He has not yet stopped his quarrels, fights, the well known human tendency,
And he has put me in a position of shame, disgrace and hypocrisy.

My dream is shattered, when the sun winks at me,
And I look forward to the day as busy as a bee;
But I cannot forget that dream,
A dream, full of miracles, the miracles of nature I suppose.