a poem by Natarajan K

When I was born on earth, I had few people around me
When I began to crawl and walk I saw more things surround me
When I attended schooling I found myself one among many screamy
Whenever I go and come from school many friends accompany

Days went when I had completed my schooling
Colleges were there where we had no spoon-feeding
I came upon a girl-friend who was very charming
My other friends became less important as we both were loving

Now I am attending office with less time to spare for friends
Office work or my office itself changes with change in trends
Even now I meet my old friends, read mail if he/she sends
Thanks for my lady-love with less time to care and who apprehends

Time will come one day when I will have my retirement
With an old age any major illness will become a predicament
A time to remember all friends when age cannot have amendment
To bid all of them good-bye upon lord’s sway or judgement

All through our life friends may come and friends may go
But for human race friendship goes on for ever you know?
Friends remain together upon failure or when you succeed
It`s true for the words “A Friend in need is a Friend indeed”