Poems by
Natarajan K

How to tide away troubles?

a poem by Natarajan K

Smile with patient, hopeful heart, when in troublous hour
To meet and vanquish this grief, nothing has equal power

Sorrow like flood, can come rolling on
When wise person’s mind regards it, its gone!

Confront the grief, with meek and no grieving heart
From you the grieves are put to grief and they depart

Like the bullock you struggle on through obstructed ways
From you, the troubles get troubled and they roll away

Mounting grieves even will fail to crush the patient heart
For this heart, the grieves are put to grief and they depart

With mass wealth, if you don’t give it all your heart
Cannot bear the loss, when prosperous days depart

Your frame is sorrows target, this if your mind reflects
You won’t meet with troubled mind and the sorrow it expects

He who seeks no joy, with sorrow he knows
To walk unharmed by the touch of human woes

Amidst joys, if one doesn’t yield to joys control
Even amidst sorrows, sorrow cannot touch his soul

Those who take pain, as pleasure will acquire
The bliss, which their foes in vain, will aspire