Poems by
Abraham Oommen

Home Sick

a poem by Abraham Oommen

Call me back home, my mother!
I’m damn sick bitten by this weather
Feed me the nectar from thy breasts
As, my growth, this ailment arrests

Let me toddle holding your finger
Sniff your aroma that does linger
As I touch thy cloak’s hem and feel
Power that makes my wounds heal

Take me to the orchard, let’s gather
Sweet fruits ripe and colorful rather
As you nod at my prattle and smile
My dreams do come true for a while

Tell me that fairy tale at bed time
In your mellifluous voice’s rhyme
Beside your warmth, in my sleep
I see angels from heaven do peep

All my worlds around you revolve
As well all my knots in you resolve
Just I want you touch me and make
My self feel safe, when I’m at stake

Once more, you kiss on my fore head
Hum a lullaby as I lie snugly in bed
Anoint me with thy tears and impart
Whiff of love to permeate in my heart