The Happy Me

a poem by Nandita Pai

As I look back,
At my seventeen years,
I feel contented,
Happy and clear.
No regrets I feel,
No sorrow or worry,
My life has been good,
Cheerful and merry.
A wonderful family to start with,
So caring and loving.
Protecting me from hardships,
At every step, encouraging.
A cozy little house,
Which has much warmth.
Away from the maddening crowd,
I find it a good resort.
Dear too are my buddies,
Supportive to the end.
Showing me the right from the wrong,
Especially, my best friend.
My school of eleven years,
Of which, I am proud.
Has made me what I am,
And not just one amongst the crowd
I have enjoyed these years,
Being happy-go-lucky.
I have a lot to thank God for,
As I truly am a “Happy Me”
Challenging and uncertain,
As is the future.
I am prepared to face it,
That was how, I was nurtured.