Poems by
Nandita Pai

Here and Now

a poem by Nandita Pai

I was busy chasing life,
Trying to mend my every day.
My mind always a step ahead,
Sending me at times, into a dizzy sway.

Life revolved around the checklist,
The list never seemed to end.
As I scored out an errand from the ‘to-do’,
Another five magically raised their heads.

In a bid to make my life perfect,
I jostled through many days,
Planning from dawn to dusk,
Like a clockwork zombie working on keys.

Then one day, I halted.
Stepped on life’s brake pedal.
Flung the checklist away,
I felt free. I felt relief.
Like a horse, rid of its saddle.

I seized the moment,
Before it slipped away,
Like sand grains through my palms.
Merely enjoyed the beauty of life as is,
Letting go of all petty qualms.

Dishes can wait,
Dust can settle a minute more,
Life’s moments bygone,
Will come back no more.

Life is calling,
Here and now.
Live the moment,
Make it your own kind of WOW!