Story of My Life

a poem by Gautam Dhar

Just passing through the Sycamore trees
Just singing with the late night breeze
Just thinking ’bout the Passing time
Just chalking up a long lost rhyme

Just passing by the big old house
Just watching that old sun go down
Just hoping you’ll be waiting there
Just hoping to see your smile ’round

Just strolling by the lonely rock
Just thinking ‘bout your sweet ole talk
Just thinking how I miss you so
And how I long for a late night walk

Just passing by the river side
Just thinking ’bout the night I cried
Just looking back when I let you go
Oh the heavens know that I’ve tried

Just an old lonesome feeling
Thought I’d never let you go
For the time is still reeling
Oh How I Love you so

Now the shades of gloom are falling
As I stare out at the stars up in the sky
And I can hear your sweet voice calling
Oh my Love this Heart will never say Goodbye.