Love Lesson

a poem by Dineen

You never learned to be honestly true,
You thought you owned me didn’t you?
Now you want me like never before,
You know I’m not hurting anymore.
You and I, we have come to the end.
I’m sorry, but now you can pretend.
I don’t want you back, I will stay strong.
It will never be right, you did me wrong.
You’ve ruined my judgement for everyone,
Now who will undo what you have done?
A lesson learned and I have to thank you.
When it comes to love I know what to do…

I’ll slow it down before it’s begun
Never think it is love, only some fun
Never let a kiss be more than a kiss
Never let him be the one that i miss
Never let a touch be more than a touch
Never listen when my heart says too much
Never let him make me feel too sure
Never let him know I’m wanting more
Never let him know how much I care
Never let him have my love to share
Never let him hold me again and again

If it is love it will have to end
In love again, no, you won’t find me
Cause as much as it hurts I will set us free!